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"How to Support Siblings When Welcoming a New Baby"

Having a new little baby is such an amazing blessing but it definitely comes with its own set of challenges. This is especially true for new big brothers/sisters. In this post I will outline a few ways that you can help your children adjust to a new little one in the family!

A great way to help a child have good initial feelings when a new brother or sister comes home is to give them a gift from the baby. If your child is a toddler, a good idea is a stuffy. This is something they can hug and get comfort from when mom is busy with their new sibling. 

Something that is very important is not to make your child feel like the reason you cannot do something is because of the baby. For example you should not say “I can’t do that right now because the baby needs me.” Or “I have to feed the baby right now so we have to wait until later.” Things like this can grow feelings of resentment. Instead, give your child the opportunity to help. This can be difficult at times but in the end it is such a great bonding experience for everyone. One example of this might be allowing your older child to get items you need, like a diaper or wipes. Let them hold the bottle or sing the baby a song. 

Turn feeding times into “special time” with your older child. Let them pick their favorite books so you can read together while the baby eats. You can have certain toys they love that only come out during feedings. You could also let them sit next to you on the couch and watch a favorite show during feedings. These are all things that will make your child look forward to that time and they will learn that feeding time is when they do these activities. This will help to prevent them from wanting to do other things you are unable to help with while feedings occur. 

Take turns with your spouse having one on one time with your older children. Just 15 min of your undivided attention can do wonders in making your other children feel loved and seen. 
These are just a few ideas to help your little ones adjust when a new baby is welcomed into the family. Let me know what other things have worked for you!

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