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"10 Cool Ways to Beat the Arizona Heat This Summer"

Being in Arizona during the summer can be brutal, especially with kids out of school! It can be hard to find activities that are fun and not too repetitive. Here are some easy ideas to beat the heat this summer and keep your kids entertained!

1. Popsicle Baths - This one is super simple and fun for little kids. If you don’t have a pool or even if you do but don’t want to be out for extended periods in the hot sun this is a super fun way for little ones to enjoy the water out of the sun and have a yummy treat without making a huge mess!

2. Indoor Trampoline Park - There are several different air parks that have great deals. Elevate in Queen Creek for example has monthly passes for $25 that allow a child to jump for up to 2 hours 5 days a week! Click HERE for more info. 

3. Summer Movie Fun - Local Harkins theaters sell extremely discounted tickets and bring back older movies so families can stay cool and enjoy watching favorite movies on the big screen! Click HERE for more information on the movies chosen for this summer and how to buy tickets.

4. Indoor Scavenger Hunt - Hide objects/clues around the house and let the kids search for them. At the end of the hunt reward them with a nice frozen treasure!

5. Indoor Hockey - Put those pool noodles to use by using them as hockey sticks and hitting around an inflated balloon. This is super fun and good for kids all ages!

6. Kids Empire - This is a fun indoor playground with locations around Phoenix area. Each child is $20 but it is for a full day admission with re-entry allowed. Parents are always free. There are giant slides, obstacle courses and giant building blocks, just to name a few features. Click HERE for a link to the website for locations and pricing. 

7. Phoenix Children’s Museum - This is such a fun experience for everyone in the family. Buying a membership is worth it because you can go as many times as you want during the hot summer and still not get bored with it! Not to mention all the fun outdoor options for the rest of the year. Click HERE for membership levels and pricing. 

8. Box Forts - Everyone nowadays has stockpiles of amazon boxes. Put those to use by letting the kids build with/color on them. I know if I give my kiddos boxes and some markers they will be entertained for hours. 

9. Visit the Local Library - Libraries and AZ have super fun activities for kids in the summer. Check out your local library to see what fun activities they have planned each day of the week. 

10. Get away! - Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is to get away from it! There are several fun vacation spots within a few hours drive of Phoenix that are super affordable and significantly less hot! Some options include Rocky Point, Flagstaff, Show Low, Payson, and Snowflake.
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