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5 Newborn Essentials and 5 Things You Will Never Use

5 Must Haves!
1. Feeding/Carseat Cover - Even if you don't breast feed it is so nice to have something to cover up your car seat while out and about. It keeps babies cozy and strangers away!

2. Nursing Pillow - This is great for breastfeeding and bottle feeding

3. Lap Blanket - Big blankets are annoying to deal with when a baby is in their carseat. A small lap blanket stays put and doesn't hang out or drag.

4. Good Swaddle - It is worth spending a little extra for a good swaddle or swaddle blanket. If you don't those little ones can squirm out of something pretty easily.

5. Triple Paste - People swear by Butt Paste and it is a good product but I have the most success with Triple Paste. There wasn't a diaper rash any of my girls had that couldn't be cleared up by triple paste!

5 Unnecessary Items!

1. Newborn Clothes - A cute outfit to bring a baby home in and maybe a couple of others but they will grow out of everything before you even have a chance to put them in it all! Not to mention the fact that most mom's I know kept their little ones in simple onesies.

2. Wipe Warmer - Really just a luxury item that is unnecessary and excessive.

3. Bottle Warmer - Again, excessive and not very useful.

4. Baby Shoes - They don't need them and they never stay on.

5. Shopping Cart seat cover - Even as the baby grows it is so much easier if they stay in their carseat in the shopping cart. 

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