Concierge Travel

Are you ready for a no stress, personalized vacation customized just for you?

What Is It?

A stress free, personalized vacation designed around you and your interests.

This level of personalization allows you to hit all the insider attractions as if you were a local, avoiding high ticket tourist traps and get the absolute most out of your vacation.


How  Does it works?

I'll send you an email questionnaire to get started to learn about your personality.

I learn your likes and dislikes and they kinds of foods and activities you want to experience on your vacation. 

Then I will design an experience that is unique and made just for you.

This works for solo travelers, families, couples, friends and business travelers!

What Is the Investment?

Each day that I plan for you is only $30!

I can create a perfect day of travel for you or plan your whole trip, full of unique, built for you experiences.

Why Use A Trip Planner

There are many great reasons why you might want to have someone plan your trip for you!

First and foremost, it takes all the stress out of planning. No visiting endless websites trying to tell the difference between nearly-similar "deals".

Next, consider that you also get a custom itinerary. This means that everything you'll be doing on your vacation has been chosen specifically for you, based on your interests and proclivities.

And lastly, a trip planner will actually save you money in the long run. My experience coordinating travel around the world for my clients has taught me how to find the very best deals!